Numark DJ Mixing Decks

If you are looking to have a DJ at your event but they don’t have access to a mixer, we have you covered!

The Numark Mixdeck Express is probably the most versatile DJ mixing desk on the market and features the ability to play music off CD’s, USB and can even act as a Midi controller for some of the most popular DJ software programs including Native Instruments Traktor 2 and Serato DJ Intro (you will require your own software and computer to use this functionality).  The quickstart guide can be downloaded from here for instructions on how to use this desk.

Numark is one of the biggest names in the DJ market and has a reputation for producing high quality equipment that DJ’s know and love.  This mixer is no exception and has features that will cover even the most discerning user.

Some of the many features include:

  • 2 x built in CD players (no need for additional CDJ’s)
  • Ability to play MP3’s off USB (2 USB ports built in)
  • USB input to connect with your laptop* (You will require your own software to enable this)
  • 3 channel mixer
  • Additional RCA inputs and outputs
  • Professional XLR outputs
  • Ability to input mic directly into the desk

The super-portable Mixdeck express comes with a set of DJ headphones at no extra cost if you require them.

This mixer will link perfectly with any of our powered speakers and you can also add some lights from our full range of party lighting to create a full DJ rig to cater almost any event.

You can book the Numark Mixdeck Express now by simply using the contact page to send us your request.

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