Cairns PA Hire Terms and Conditions

  • We will do our utmost to ensure that you have an enjoyable and problem free hire from us.
  • The hire of a PA system includes delivery, set-up, pack-up and pick-up in the price. No discount is available if you do not require this service.
  • In the case of problems the PA hire includes phone support in the first instance, followed by in-person assistance (where possible) if the issue cannot be resolved over the phone.
  • The hire price does not include any entertainment, musical or otherwise, unless specifically listed on the invoice.
  • Cairns Corporate PA Hire is not responsible for any sound or music licensing arrangements that may be required by law or otherwise.
  • The equipment hired is not covered by insurance for fire, theft, burglary or accidental damage, and as such the responsibility for loss or damage of the equipment lies with you the client.
  • If hired equipment is damaged, destroyed or confiscated due to irresponsible behaviour or otherwise, the client will be liable for the cost of repair or replacement as well as costs associated with the loss of income due to the unavailability of the equipment.
  • Cairns Corporate PA Hire is not responsible for any inconvenience, damage or injury sustained when using equipment hired from them
  • If equipment is not returned to (or able to be picked up by) Cairns Corporate PA Hire by the agreed date and/or time due to fault on the behalf of the client, the client is liable for a late fee, which is equivalent to 25% of the total hire value. If the return date is subsequently delayed until the following day, the client is liable for an additional day’s hire (100% of total hire value).

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