Cairns Wedding Hire

So you’re planning on having your wedding in the Cairns area and you’re looking for Cairns wedding hire suppliers?  Maybe you’re a local, or maybe you’re using Cairns as a destination wedding location.  Well either way, you can’t go past Cairns Corporate PA Hire when you’re looking to hire a PA system or lights for your ceremony and reception.

A Cairns Wedding Hire Business

At Cairns Corporate PA Hire, we definitely consider ourselves a Cairns wedding hire supplier.  Our PA systems and service are ideal for weddings!  In fact we’ve hired to so many weddings that we’ve considered changing our name to Cairns Wedding PA Hire on more than one occasion!  So what makes us so popular for weddings?  It’s a combination of the right equipment for the job, our price guarantee, and our unbeatable service.  We’re proud of the fact that we don’t inflate our prices just because it’s a wedding.  Read on to find out why you should choose us for your wedding hire, or check out our popular Beach Wedding PA hire package.

Reasons to Choose Us For Your Cairns Wedding Hire

  1. Our PA systems are simple, unobtrusive, and elegant – You won’t find old worn out road cases, severely scratched speakers, and equipment held together with gaff tape!  We understand that the aesthetics are as important as the sound on occasions such as a wedding.
  2. Free Delivery, Set-Up and Pickup – Yes you read that right!  If you need us to deliver the system and set-it up for you, we do that for FREE (within delivery area).  If that doesn’t take the stress out of your day then nothing will!
  3. We keep it as clean as possible – We understand that you don’t want people tripping over speakers and desks and boxes and cables!  We  do our best to keep it as clean as we possibly can.
  4. Price Guarantee – Our promise to you is that we don’t inflate our prices for weddings or engagement parties!  Personally I find it disappointing when it happens and its one of the reasons I started this business.  When you request a quote with us you’ll get the same price whether it is a wedding or a birthday party.
  5. Simplicity– We don’t tell you that you need to hire things that you don’t need.  We understand that the PA hire is just a detail of your day, not the main event.  Along those lines we want to keep it as simple as possible to take the stress out of your day.

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