V-Amp Digital Guitar Effects Module (Rack Mounted)

V-Amp Digital Guitar Effects ModuleThe V-Amp digital effects module is the ultimate tool for guitarists who want to create a unique sound with just one unit.  Forget having a dozen guitar pedals, you can create and save the sound you want from literally hundreds of different options including effects, preamp type, cabinet type etc.  You’re only limited by what you can think up!  This particular V-Amp unit is the top of the line, rack mountable professional unit.  It comes in a heavy duty box with handle for easy portage, but if you want to add it to your own rack then it is as simple as a couple of screws.  The rack mountable V-Amp digital effects unit not only looks the part, it sounds the part.

You can use this V-Amp with a set of headphones, or plug it into a guitar amp to amplify the sound you’ve created.  Check out the Hughes & Kettner guitar amp for hire if you’re looking for a quality amp.

You can book the rack mountable V-Amp effects module or guitar amp from us today by simply using the contact page to send us your request.

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