Bronze Package

The Bronze PA hire package contains everything you need for a ready to operate PA system.  In general we recommend this package for parties, functions and events catering for up to 100 guests in a small to medium sized venue.  It is best suited to speeches, playing music or even karaoke.  Although the PA system included in the Bronze PA hire package it is ideally suited to indoor applications, it can also be used outdoors as well.



    • 1 x small mixer (10-channel)
    • 2 x 12 inch powered speakers
    • 2 x Speaker stands
    • 1 x Wireless microphone (batteries included)
    • 1 x Microphone stand
    • 1 x 3,5mm jack aux cable (for your iPod/MP3 Player/Stereo/Computer)
  • All associated cables

The Bronze PA Hire package includes a 10-channel mixing desk, as well as 2 powered speakers on speaker stands (included), and a powered mixer. The mixer can take 10 inputs ( including a mix of XLR, 1/4 inch jack) as well as an RCA input for your iPod, MP3 player, laptop or CD player. As well as the PA system, the package includes a wireless microphone (stand included) and all the cables you need for the system to run, including an RCA to jack cable that you can plug into the headphone socket of your music player.

PRICE: $230

Book the Bronze PA Hire Package Today!

The Bronze PA Hire package is one of our most popular hire packages, so in order to avoid someone else booking your date we suggest booking well in advance of your function.  If you want more information on this package or want to book, just send us an enquiry here!

By the way, you can upgrade to a dual wireless microphone system for only $10 more!

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