Don’t Forget The PA System!

Don’t Forget The PA System!

PA System Isn’t Even On The List

Celebrant, check.  Photographer, check.  Catering, Check.  It’s a common scenario – the list of things you need to organise before your wedding is getting bigger and bigger, while the time left to organise them is getting shorter and shorter!  Hiring a PA system isn’t exactly on the first page of the to do list, or even on the second page!  It’s one of those details that often gets overlooked because it is something that is relatively unknown to many people.  It’s not something that you would want to overlook however, as having a PA system or other sound system is essential to the success of your wedding.

Why A PA System Is Important

There are a number of important moments during a wedding when having a PA system makes all the difference.  Firstly, you might want to have some soft background music playing as your friends and family make their way to their seats for the ceremony.  This really takes the pressure off the bride as the guests are entertained through whatever crisis may occur.  Next and very importantly, you will probably want to play some music as you walk up the aisle.  It is critical that the music is loud enough and clear enough so that you get that dramatic effect you’re looking for.  You’re looking a million dollars, so you might as well have some theme music to strut to!

It is often a nice idea to have a microphone around for the celebrant to speak into throughout the ceremony.  This is an even better idea if you have written your own vows for each other, as you want your guests to be able to hear without having to shout your vows into the face of your very soon to be spouse!  Fortunately wireless microphones are ideal for this purpose, as they look clean and elegant and there are no inconvenient and ugly cables lying around.

Then comes the moment when you take your first steps as a couple, and leave the ceremony.  At this moment you want the music playing, and once again, as at all times it’s important that it is clear.  To achieve this you need a quality PA system with enough power and quality speakers that will allow you to fill the often relatively large room in which you are having your ceremony (which is even more pronounced in the outdoors).  Unfortunately many home sound systems simply aren’t up to this kind of use, as their small speakers easily distort when you turn the volume up to try and fill the room, leaving you with a fuzzy mess.  This is definitely a situation you want to avoid, so don’t risk it with substandard equipment.

A PA System At The Reception Is Essential

Of course, the most obvious need for a PA system is at the wedding reception itself.  You will want to have background music playing throughout the reception, especially when/if people are eating.  If you don’t have music playing there is an awkward silence that lingers through the room, which can be very off-putting.  Next, you will need a microphone for the speeches.  It goes without saying that the speaker needs to be heard without having to shout, after all it is a formal function.  And last but not least, if you are having a dance floor at your wedding, you’ll need a sound system that can crank out a bit of extra volume when you need it, just to make things memorable.

So there you have it, there are many reasons why a quality portable PA system it critical to your wedding’s success.  Don’t leave it to chance, book a PA system for your wedding from Cairns Corporate PA Hire and leave your stereo at home!

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