Gold Audio Visual Hire Package

The Gold Audio Visual Hire package contains everything you will need for a ready to operate PA system with lights for theming or for the dance floor, as well as a projector and screen for a presentation.  Generally we recommend the Gold AV Hire package for parties, weddings, functions and events with up to 100 guests in an indoor venue, particularly when you want a dance floor or want some colour to bring up the mood and also want to run a slideshow of photos through the night or make a presentation.  Of course if you have a group larger than this we can always increase the size of the speakers to cater this need for a small additional fee.

The PA system included in this package is ideal for making speeches, playing music or even karaoke, and can play music directly off your iPod/MP3 player or laptop very easily.  Although designed to be used inside, the Gold Audio Visual Hire package can easily be used outside, though we would suggest that the screen be positioned out of the wind to prevent it acting as a big sail!  With the inclusion of the lights, the Gold AV Hire package is great for celebrations, especially birthday parties, wedding celebrations, engagement parties or generally happy events.  The projector and screen gives your event that special touch and provides an engaging way to entertain your guests or embarrass the birthday boy/girl.



    • 1 x small mixing desk (10-channel)
    • 2 x 12 inch powered speakers
    • 2 x Speaker stands
    • 2 x Wireless microphone (batteries included)
    • 2 x Microphone stands
    • 1 x 3,5mm jack aux cable (for your iPod/MP3 Player/Stereo/Computer)
  • All associated cables


    • Chauvet DJ GigBar 2 DJ Complete Light Set
    • Or Choose 6 lights from our selection
  • All associated cables


    • High Quality EPSON projector
    • Bright display starting at 2600 Lumens!
    • Your choice of 80 or 100 inch screen
  • Portable – can be placed anywhere in the room

PRICE: $445

The package includes a 10-channel PA system, 6 party lights on lighting trees and a projector and screen.  The PA system, consisting of 2 x 12 inch powered speakers (mounted on stands) and a small mixing desk can take XLR and 1/4 inch jack inputs and also has an RCA input so that you can plug your iPod, MP3 player or CD player directly into using the cable that is supplied with the package.  The package also includes dual wireless microphones on stands, which allows versatility and allows your function to flow smoothly.

As well as the PA system, the package also includes the Chauvet DJ GigBar 2 DJ Complete Light Set or any 6 lights from our range of party lights.   Many of the lights have a variety of pre-programed functions such as colour fades or changes and can be set to be sound activated too!

And finally, a quality Epson projector and your choice of an 80 inch (~1.5 x 1.5m) or 100 inch (~2m x 1.5m) screen are included.  These projectors can accept pretty much any type of input from your computer and put out a quality crisp clear image, bright colours and industry leading reliability.

Book the Gold Audio Visual Hire Package Today!

The Gold AV Hire package is an extremely popular hire packages, so in order to avoid someone else booking your date we suggest booking well in advance of your function.  If you want more information on this package or want to book this package, just send us an enquiry here!

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